Hey Princess... you are a Carrier of Destiny

Yesterday was one of those days when I truly felt totally loved by God. It wasn't some enormously big encounter or even amazing miracle - just a sweet beautiful wink from the Father that He saw me.... He heard me. I was known.


I had gone for my daily morning walk and decided to venture a little further to a lookout on the hill to watch the whales and take in the amazing views of my new city I now live in, Newcastle. As I walked I prayed. I wanted to hear from Him. I needed confirmation that I was on track with what He had been showing me. I knew I had to wait on the promises He had given me, on the appointed time He had set, but I just needed His sweet voice to once again tell me He hadn't forgotten me. Maybe it's just me, but sometimes in the waiting I get nervous. Did I miss it? Did I really hear Him tell me that? I often ask Him... "I don't need anything big Lord... just another little confirmation that I really did hear you."

And so there I was standing on the top of this great hill at this lookout ready to head for home when I felt Him nudging me to venture further down to this pretty grassy knoll. He was going to speak to me. It was a lovely little spot, with no one around and a perfect view. I sat not really paying much attention to the ground around me just enjoying the view, when something bright in the grass, reflecting the sunlight caught my eye. A word. A little metallic confetti word. 'Princess' and a crown. But then as I really looked I realized I was actually sitting in the middle of hundreds of these glittering Princess words and crowns!

And there with these little signs glistening around me, I heard Him whisper to my spirit...

"A Princess is a carrier of destiny"

As I sat there with tears in my eyes the revelation of what He was saying began to take root in my heart.

A Princess is NEVER forgotten. She is a carrier of destiny.

Over the past decade or so there has been a beautiful awakening among God's girls. An awakening to their true identity. The realization that we are daughters of the King. Princesses. Beloved and adored. We've taught this revelation we've gratefully received to our sisters and over the years I have seen the beautiful transformation take place as the truth of their identity is revealed to them. But as I sat on that hill surrounded once again with the words and a fresh reality of who I am, I felt the Spirit begin to reveal to my spirit another aspect of the beauty of what we carry - DESTINY.

The dictionary gives the following meaning of destiny:

The events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future:

The hidden power believed to control future events; fate: A DIVINE DECREE

As we walk in our true identity, authority and place as a Daughter of the King, we literally carry a divine decree.

A princess carries within her a seed of a monarchy. By virtue of her birth and her very DNA she carries an important destiny - a future. Royalty will continue as she gives birth to the next generation.

As Daughters of the King we are to walk in such a way, in intimate fellowship with the Father that we hear what is His Royal will and decree and prophesy it over ourselves and the world. Calling out, decreeing and prophesying God's purpose and destiny for those we are called to.

Giving birth to destiny. His divine decree.

So beloved Daughter of the King, by virtue of who you are - a Princess - you will never be forgotten. You have a vital role to play. You have something in you that you must bring forth. You have the authority to bring about change by decreeing and prophesying what should come to pass. Before time the story 'fairy tale' if you will of your life was written by your Father the King. The psalmist said it so profoundly:


You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book.

Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.

Psalm 139:16 NLT

You are living in a story beautifully written by the Lover of your soul. And so dear one, no matter where you are in that story, whether you feel like the Princess lost in the woods, trapped in a prison, stuck in the mundane or simply waiting on the promise. Know that His plans for you are good. No not just good. Beautiful. Amazing. You carry a destiny and as you continue to walk with Him and trust His love for you, He will bring you into all the glorious plans He has for you.

So now it is your turn. Hold your head a little higher. Speak out His promises. Prophesy to your future and into those in your world around you. Begin to declare His divine decrees with authority!

Because once upon a time, there was a beautiful Princess....

From Liz's Blog dated July 2016

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