• Liz Watkins

God keeps winking at me! I’m seeing 111 everywhere!

God keeps winking at me! I’m seeing 111 everywhere! No I haven’t lost it… just read on and it’ll make sense eventually I promise :)

I absolutely love God’s sense of humour. He is so creative in how He talks to us. I have come to firmly believe God gives us little “winks” to let us know He is there, that we are on the right path and to help us find our destiny. They are the little coincidences. The little miracles. The things that happen that make you say, “What are the odds of this ever happening?” If you pay attention and keep a record of them, you’ll be surprised how often He is actively ‘winking’ at you throughout your journey and whatever season you are in. Confirming your path in this cosmic universe.

The “God Winks” I am experiencing in this season of my life are creating within me so much peace and an assurance that He really is totally in control. So let me tell you the story of the 111 and why these God Winks continue to blow my mind…

We moved interstate to our new home four months ago and almost immediately entered a very intense season. I won’t go into all the details but it was the type of season where it kind of knocks the wind out of you but you are so thankful you have a big God who is looking after you, otherwise you would probably fall in a heap!

Before moving I had had a dream where I was sent a text by a friend with just the numbers “111, 1111” over and over. That dream and those numbers were quite significant to me and spoke of God’s promises to me and everything coming into alignment and two scriptures that God had used to speak to me for some time.

Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” and Hebrews 11:11 “By faith Abraham even though he was past age…was enabled to become a father because he considered HIM faithful who had made the promise.”

Now over the last four months I have been frequently seeing 111 and 1111 everywhere! On buses, on the clock, on signs, on letters, on tv… the list goes on. God has used them to remind me that it’s ok. He’s got it all under control. Everything is being perfectly aligned. Even our move had His hand on it so precisely. But being the person that I am (so grateful God loves me flaws and all) I was starting to once again doubt and question God and His “in control” status in my situation. So here we were, my husband and I on a road trip back to our old home to see family and friends and as it was my turn to drive I started to talk to God about the 111 winks so I didn’t zone out while driving along the never ending highway.

Very quietly in my spirit He spoke to me saying, just like I had left the booking of our accommodation that night to my husband not taking any thought or care about it, He also is my Husband and I can totally leave everything in His hands, not taking a care or thought about it. A wave of peace settled over me once again as I drove and I knew He wanted me to just let go and trust Him fully.

We arrived at our overnight stopover and as we lugged all our gear (yes even overnight I have lots of gear haha) up the flight of stairs to our motel room, I laughed as I looked up and saw the door number of our room…. 111. It was His humorous way of saying to me “see I am in control”.

But just to add to the confirmation of His “in control” status, He winked again on the way back home. We decided to stay at the same motel and guess what room they put us into…. yeah you know where this is going now :) it was room 111. Of course it was!

So what are the odds that we would stay in Room 111 not once, but twice over our holiday?! That was a pretty big “God Wink” that blew my mind but also just one of many that have been coming in quick succession now that I’m actively paying attention and looking for them. It’s becoming quite a fun and exciting adventure seeing how God creatively “winks” at me now.

There is a Jewish Yiddish word “beshert” that is often used in relation to finding your soul mate or the one you are destined to be with. It means "inevitable" or "preordained." Rabbi Julian Sinclair says it can apply to any happening that appears to bear the fingerprints of divine providence, such as bumping into an old friend you were just thinking about.

There is also a word in German "beschert," which means "given". "Beschert" is often used to mean Christmas and New Year presents, which according to folklore are divine gifts, hence the connection to beshert.

So I think these little God winks, coincidences and little miracles that we are given are in essence little “love gifts” from God. His way of saying, “Precious child, you’re on track. Don’t give up. I’ve got this!”

Be open to these divine gifts. God is interacting with us on so many levels. When a coincidence occurs in your day-to-day journey, stop and smile and realize you just might have been winked at too.