Every child is created with a destiny

Christian Fiction


“I want you to know that there is nothing bad and ugly that happens in your life, that Love cannot turn into something beautiful.” Young, pregnant, abused, and alone in the darkness of the LA acting scene, Poppy hears these words from an old woman who presses a porcelain butterfly into her hand as Poppy stands outside a clinic. She’s on the brink of a decision: to pursue her career or to take a chance on raising a child. Can she bear keeping her child and returning to Wyoming a failure? Is there another way?

Years after this fateful day, a beautiful young woman called Sarah reflects on a time when she battled for her very life. As she is envisioning these emotive scenes, it is clear that in the midst of her illness she was destined by her Creator to touch and change many others’ lives, Poppy’s included… a butterfly effect God had planned from her conception.

Poppy's choice with all the heart-wrenching twists and turns, alters destinies and creates eternal ramifications that she never could have foreseen. This is a story with a BIG twist you won't see coming and a powerful message that will stay with the reader for a long time after they've put the book down.

A Life Less Lived is a story that reveals God’s heart and desire of a destiny for every child conceived. Author Liz Watkins, once herself an unwed pregnant teenager, speaks from experience about the fear of an unknown future when you discover you are alone and pregnant. Dealing with issues like abuse, abortion, and illness, this story will help bring healing and comfort to readers who have been in these difficult situations, and understanding to those who have not.

Pages:  264

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Do you feel stuck? Have you lost the vision and passion you once had for your life?

Do your dreams feel like distant memories? Has hopelessness entered into your heart?


In this Ebook, author Liz Watkins shares her own journey to dreaming again after her own personal tragedy and will teach you how to reawaken the dreams you once had and receive a fresh dream from God for your life.

This book is a Biblical study in how God plants His desires and dreams in our hearts.

How He works in us to bring them to pass and what our job is to partner with Him to fulfil our destiny.


You will learn:

  • how to get a dream and vision from God

  • how to know if your dream or vision is from God

  • how to speak and prophesy to your dream

  • what to do in the waiting

  • how to make a ‘supernatural’ vision board


You were created on purpose with a destiny. It’s Time to Dream Again Sweetheart will infuse you with hope and set you on course to fulfil everything God has planned for you!

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